About Us

Our Food Philosophy

Nutrition is the single most important factor in our health and fitness. The food that we fuel our bodies with directly and immensely affect the way we look, feel, perform, think, sleep, and recover. We eat real, whole, fresh, natural, clean food. We fuel our bodies with nutrient dense items that have lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Healthy sources of high quality fats from healthy animals and from coconut, avocado, olive oil, and some nuts provide us with great sources of energy. We base our protein consumption on a healthy diversity of meats from healthy animals raised in a natural environment on their natural diet that are free of growth hormones or antibiotics. We get plenty of carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables that are loaded with essential micronutrients to allow us to have high energy levels and perform our best. This is not a diet. It is a lifestyle that we have chosen because it is the single most important thing we can do to be healthy, perform at a high level, and live a long, high quality life.

Why Real Clean Paleo?

Over the past 3 years, we have worked with literally hundreds of athletes on their nutrition. From professional athletes, to growing children, to busy professionals and everyone in between, what we put into our bodies is vital for optimal performance, health, and quality of life. As we continued to educate our athletes on the importance of nutrition and why we need to eliminate certain things and include others, we realized something. It was not lack of understanding or of skepticism, lack of effort or will power that was keeping these athletes from living this way all of the time. It was simply a matter of inconvenience. We get it. Brett and I are fortunate enough to have a schedule where we know exactly where we are going to be every day. Ours is a consistent and flexible one that allows us to always prepare ahead of time and always have proper nutrition on hand for all meals. For many of you, this is not real life. Whether it’s dealing with travel, meetings, inconsistent work schedules, and not to mention raising children and everything that comes with the busiest job of all, you do your best to maintain balance in your life, and sometimes there are just not enough hours, hands, or whatever in a day. So is it any wonder why sometimes you just don’t have time to cook a healthy and nutritious meal? This was the motivation behind the birth of Real Clean Paleo.