Baja Grilled Chicken with Marinated Summer Squash


Herbed grilled chicken breast with a garlic honey dijon dipping sauce, with a side of marinated grilled organic yellow summer squash and zucchini and sauteed garlic greens

Ingredients: chicken breast, olive oil, salt, pepper, spices, garlic, raw honey, dijon, mayo (avocado oil, lemon, vinegar , mustard, salt, egg), summer squash, chard, ghee.

Medium: 531 calories, 25g carb/27g fat/58g pro
Large: 634 calories, 30g carb/32g fat/69g pro

Macro Ratio: 22/44/35

Reheating: Preheat oven to 325. Remove lid and honey dijon sauce and warm ten minutes.

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