Burger and German Sweet Potato Salad


Grass fed beef patty topped with onion and beefsteak tomato, served with a side of german sweet potato salad, pickle.

Ingredients: beef, spices, vinegar, sweet potato, mayo (egg, avocado oil, mustard, lemon, vinegar, salt), red onion, uncured bacon, shishito peppers, sea salt, whole grain mustard, raw honey, olive oil, lettuce mix, pepitas, cucumber, tomato, pickle.

Instructions: Preheat oven to 325. Remove burger to pan and warm, ten minutes. Top with tomato and red onion and serve with salad.

Nutrition Information:

Small: 544 calories, 32g carb/28g fat/43g pro
Medium: 698 calories, 41g carb/36g fat/55g pro
Large: 837 calories, 49g carb/43g fat/66g pro

Macros 23/46/31

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