Butternut Squash Lasagna


Thinly sliced butternut squash creates the noodles for this lasagna filled with grass fed beef. Accompanied by a baked stuffed apple and sauteed greens.

Ingredients: beef, mushroom, onion, carrot, garlic, tomato, butternut squash, spices, cashew, kale, ghee, apple, pecan, coconut oil, cinnamon, raw honey.

Small - 395 cals, 32g carb/20g pro/ 21g fat
Medium - 600 cals, 46g carb/31g pro/32g fat
Large - 790 cals, 69g carb/ 41g pro/42g fat

Macro Ratio: 34/22/44


Oven/Stovetop- Place lasagna and apple on pan, cover with foil and heat in 300 degree oven for ten minutes or until warm throughout. Heat greens in small skillet over low heat, stirring frequently.

Microwave- covered, 1-2 minutes.

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