Chicken Fajitas


Enjoy this chicken fajita bowl over sweet potato puree with peppers and onions and topped with an avocado lime dressing, with broccoli on the side.

Ingredients: chicken, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lime, garlic, cumin, salt, broccoli, sweet potato, yellow onion, cinnamon, bell pepper, coconut oil, avocado.

Calories and Macronutrients:
Small- 314 calories, 21g carb/37g protein/ 11g fat
Medium- 470 calories, 30g carb/55g protein/16g fat
Large- 627 calories, 41g carb/74g protein/ 21g fat

Macro Ratio: 26/45/30

Heat chicken and peppers and onions in medium frying pan with a dab of coconut oil or ghee. Stir frequently until warmed. Remove and heat potatoes, again stirring frequently. Finish with broccoli, adding a lid to cover. Heat 1-2minutes.
Microwave: Remove sauce and and heat 1-2minutes, covered, stirring halfway.

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