Seared Chicken with Oranges and Sweet Potato


Pan seared, golden-brown chicken is served over organic sweet potatoes with pan-seared oranges and rosemary, with a cauliflower and olive tapenade, alongside sauteed greens.

Ingredients: chicken, salt, garlic, lemon, coconut oil, sweet potato, rosemary, orange, cauliflower, olives, olive oil, walnuts, swiss chard, apple cider vinegar.

Nutritional Information:
Small - 300 calories, 17 carb/ 20 protein/ 17 fat
Medium - 448 calories, 25 carb/ 31 protein/ 25 fat
Large - 597 calories, 33 carb/ 41 protein/ 33 fat

Macro Ratio: 23/28/48

Re-heating Instructions: pre-heat oven to 300. place potatoes and chicken on sheet pan and warm, 10 minutes. Add oranges and top with tapenade. Heat greens over low heat in small frying pan with a touch of coconut oil. Salt to taste.

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