Chili with Side Salad

Grass fed ground beef, diced potato and butternut squash, poblano peppers, onion, and crushed tomatoes. Served with side salad with local, organic greens.

Ingredients: beef, sea salt, onion, jalapeno, poblano, garlic, tomato, coconut oil, butternut squash, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomato paste, chipotle powder, cumin, chili powder, avocado, cilantro, mixed greens, pepitas, tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil, lemon, thyme, pepper, honey.


Heritage Pulled Pork with Pumpkin Risotto

Slow cooked heritage pulled pork is paired with a creamy cauliflower based pumpkin risotto and roasted balsamic brussels sprouts.

REHEATING: Oven/Stovetop - heat pokr in frying pan over medium heat with drop of coconut oil or ghee, letting outer edges crisp up. Heat risotto in additional saucepan and brussels in preheated 300 degree oven, ten minutes. Add several drops of water and cover with foil if they seem dry.

Microwave- loosely covered, 2-3 minutes, stirring risotto, pork and brussels halfway.

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